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Leroy Carpenter

Mountain Poet

Here is a man who was blessed to grow up and live in an area that revealed and magnified God’s creation at its best, the mountains of Western North Carolina.

His appreciation magnified itself in rhyme, which is now set to pages in a book, “Creation Praises God.” In this interview with Neal Hearn, he talks about how and why he began to write poetry and where the words come from.

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Leroy’s book is available on CSA Books

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Herewith is the oral history of the family roots of Susan Hirsch of Macon County, North Carolina…the Ammons and Crawford families.  Also you will hear of the legends of the Cherokee chiefs who lived in the Holly Springs area of Macon County— Chief Rabbit and Chief Wild Cat—friends of the Reverend Joshua Ammons.

Susan Hirsch from Macon County

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Jack Brown Wiggins from Robbinsville, who talks about father Walter who was a farm agent in Graham Cty in the 1930's & 40's. He also discusses the flood of 1940 in Jackson County.

Jack Brown Wiggins

The great flood of 1940 takes the Cullowhee , NC bridge

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Linda’s Last Christmas in the Mountains

Listen now to Linda Owen Vinson as she takes us up on Cullowhee Mountain when she was a little girl, and shares her memories of a Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Ammons in 1955.  The home was a cabin covered in tarpaper, with a tin roof, no running water or electricity…but wrapped with love and the sweetness of family!

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